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Profile of Dr. P. H. Rao

Dr. P. H. Rao

Dr. P. H. Rao acquired his M.S from BITS Pilani, and Ph.D from The Queen's University of Belfast U.K.

Dr. Rao has more than 25 yrs of Research experience in Antennas development. After working for 2 yrs in Space Applications Centre, (ISRO) Ahmedabad, He joined SAMEER- CEM, Chennai and continuing there. During his stay at ISRO he was involved in the design and development of slotted array antennas for Space applications. At SAMEER he has been involved in various research activities like wideband Tracking and Jamming Antennas, Electronic Warfare and conformal missile antennas, Microstrip antennas, EBG's, Genetic Algorithm based array antennas, Reflect array antennas, frequency independent antennas, reconfigurable antennas, Near-field Antenna measurements, and System on Package concepts. He has developed various novel antenna structures, feeding concepts and formulated theory to generate any arbitrary polarization from combination of two circularly polarized signals. He was a visiting scholar at Georgia Tech, UAS and worked on Near-field antenna analysis and EBG configurations. He is a visiting scholar at Georgia Tech, Atlanta, USA and collaborates on Electromagnetic Band Gap structures for Signal/Power integrity applications. He steers a computational EM cell, a joint collaborative project by IISc-SAMEER to analyze complex electromagnetic problems like antennas on ship, satellite, aircraft etc.

He has published around 80 papers in IEEE and IEE journals and conferences and presented papers in various national and international conferences. His paper on wideband EBG was awarded IEEE Best paper award at INCEMIC 2008. He delivered key note addresses at various International and National conferences and symposia. He conducted workshops on various topics including antennas, Electromagnetics, and communications.

He is a SENIOR MEMBER of IEEE and Vice chair of IEEE-AP Chennai chapter. He is a reviewer for IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation, AP-magazine, IEEE Antennas wave propagation letters, IEEE EMC Transactions, IEEE MWCL, International Journal of Antennas and propagation and for various International conferences and symposia. He is listed in Who's Who in the world 2000 edition.

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